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The company uses its own production facilities to manufacture Aybolit-2000 products. For many years (since 1999) the company has proven itself as one of the best suppliers of goods and services in medicine.

The productive facilities of the company use the equipment by leading vendors: AMADA (Japan), ALTENDORF (Germany), SOGO (Taiwan) and Italy. Our state-of-the-art high-tech equipment for processing of board materials, metal and plastics guarantees high manufacturing quality of all products and accessories.

All products from the line, which includes more than 200 practical and comfortable models of furniture and equipment, possess registration certificates and declarations of conformity.

The company has been certified by the international quality system and obtained the ISO 9001 (production) and 9011 (design) certification.

The company uses end-to-end quality control from the incoming control of materials to the complete quality control of final products.

The company operates full productive cycle from the design of new medical furniture models to their production and on-site installation at the customer's office. As the result of its long-term presence at the market the company equipped many new hospitals and medical offices.

Aybolit Trading House is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers at the Russian market.

Our advantages:

1. In-house manufacturing, possibility to manufacture customized furniture from metal, plastic, LPB, MDF and stainless steel.
2. Wide range of medical equipment, which allows fitting any office of a medical institution.
3. Full delivery cycle from the placement project to the equipment assembly.
4. Great experience with participation in tenders and delivery of products under Government contracts.

The Company also provides to its customers the services for complex design works of medical facilities during their construction, refurbishment and major repairs, including drafting of the entire project documentation.

The design works allow providing installation of high-tech equipment, such as MRT and CT, according to the existing standards and norms, including the installation of medical radiodiagnostic equipment and the calculation of protection from ionizing radiation and project harmonization with the regulatory bodies.

Besides the design works, our organization specializes in some construction works, such as: - turnkey solutions providing construction, delivery and assembly of medical gasification systems with full cycle of works. - rehabilitation of facilities to accommodate hi-tech equipment (X-ray units, CT, MRT, etc.) according to Sanitary Regulations and Norms and the Russian laws including the delivery of such equipment and its warranty service.

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