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Lab furniture AyLab Organizer

Lab furniture AyLab Organizer

AyLab Organizer – integrated modular system of lab furniture.

While designing this line we based on the existing solutions of the overseas companies, used our own experience and searched for reasonable process developments. 

General lab furniture line – work desks, cabinets, racks, carts, file cabinets, wash sinks - is presented as unified units and each of them may be adopted by means of adjustable options. 

For example, a lab desk may be simple, open or compound type, fitted with an add-on structure that accommodates separate trays or shelves. It can also accommodate a computer monitor that would save a desk’s working space, mounting for keyboard shelf is also considered. And so on. 

A lab desk with wash sink can be fitted with protective screen made of chemically resistant plastic; this table can be complete with a rolling file cabinet, add-on structure, removable trays, drying device, or shelves.  

Meanwhile the dimensions of all items are aligned, which enables their unity and interchangeability. Each kind of furniture and each unit may be adopted for certain working conditions.  

Functionality is the main principle of the AyLab Organizer furniture system. File cabinets and carts are fitted with reliable self-castoring wheels. Each work station can be easily disengaged and set ready for sanitary cleaning. The same function is performed by “transparent” structure that is declared as a basic one for all components of this system. 

AyLab Organizer system provides certain solutions for the following working tasks:

  • Handling chemical agents and specimens on convenient and reliable working surfaces;

  • Separate storage of small accessories;

  • Storage of lab materials within humid and aggressive environments (short-term or reliable long-term one); 

  • Arrangement of heavy high-precision equipment; 

  • Document management;

  • Transportation of different cargos, specimens, and equipment

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