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Medical furniture

Medical furniture

Medical furniture is the main scope of Aybolit Trading Company production. The company offers products that are designed to organize and optimize the workspace of hospitals, clinics, salons. Professional skills and rich experience of employees, as well as the reliability and durability of manufacturing materials used ensure the highest quality of Aybolit Trading Company products purposed for various medical fields.

Types of medical furniture offered by Aybolit Trading Company

Our catalog offers customers a wide range of products. The catalogue of medical equipment and furniture includes information related to pricing and delivery terms and options:

  • Massage equipment. This section contains one-piece and foldable massage tables with steel and beech frames, as well as additional equipment for specialized massage rooms and physiotherapists. Reliability, durability, resistance to disinfection, ease of use by a specialist and patient comfort are the main characteristics of this equipment.
  • Examination tables. Universal medical examination and physiotherapy tables with a frame of steel and beech are used by doctors for comfortable accommodation of patients during medical examinations and procedures.
  • Functional beds. Comfort is especially important for a patient during rehabilitation. Functional beds are an important part of medical wards and are critical to a patient's recovery process. The company also manufactures functional beds for newborns.
  • Bedside cabinets. High-quality, functional and stylish furniture ensures comfort to a medical ward. Fixed and portable bedside cabinets provide convenience and comfort to a hospitalized patient.
  • Medical bed mattresses. Foam mattresses of different sizes provide the patient with a comfortable stay in the hospital and indirectly contribute to the restoration of his health.
  • Instrument tables. This section presents manipulation, laboratory, small-sized instrument tables and transport carts necessary for the doctor's work while treating patients.
  • Writing, ward tables, etc. To accommodate personal things and optimize the use of free space in the doctor's or patient's room we offer customers a range of solid, durable tables resistant to disinfection. Our customers are able to choose table color, which allows them to freely design their rooms according to their own preferences.
  • Equipment stands. Functional sectional or shelving stands, as well as a choice of colors will not only allow customers to properly organize their workspace but also to match the room interior in the same style.
  • Neonatal tables. Health care begins from the first days of life. Highly functional, high-quality, hypoallergenic equipment for newborns is critical for professional examination and treatment of the youngest patients.
  • Metal racks. Universal one-and two-section racks are used as equipment for doctors' offices and laboratories of various purposes. Equipment is designed durable and wear resistant, which is essential for a long service life.
  • Sofas and bankquettes. It is important to provide pleasant and comfortable stay while patients wait for appointments or test results. Our products are made of wear-resistant materials that are also easy to care and maintain.
  • Chairs, armchairs, stools made of wear-resistant materials are durable and arrange convenience for doctors and patients./li>
  • Nurse areas furniture. Properly designed and organized workspace allows a nurse to work efficiently and effectively. To achieve this goal we offer a wide range of products: document tables, cabinets to store documents and medications, convenient chairs fitted with a panel to receive signals from all wards.
  • X-ray view boxes are important general-purpose equipment for reviewing and analyzing of dry and wet radiographs (or X-ray reviews).
  • Other equipment and furniture. This section presents universal medical furniture and equipment items.

Please click on the category you are interested in, read its description, choose appropriate equipment, make your order and buy it from Aybolit Trading Company, LLC at factory price. The price depends on the order details. To find out the preliminary price of your order or to get additional information, please contact us by e-mail or by phone 8 (800) 100-90-54.

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