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Gynecology and urology

Gynecology and urology

Gynecological examination chair is an important equipment item purposed for multi-discipline clinics, maternity hospitals and prenatal centers. Aybolit Trading Company offers wide range of equipment with adjustable and fixed height corresponding to standards and procedural requirements.

Health care implies strict requirements to technical equipment. There is wide spectrum of gynecological services: from medical examinations to surgery. While performing women's examination doctors shall have necessary instruments within easy reach while their patients shall feel maximum comfort.

How to buy high quality equipment

Good gynecological examination chairs shall exhibit the following parameters:

  • easy patient's position adjustment;
  • examination chair offered by Aybolit Trading Company ensures reliability and safety of patients' position while carrying out procedures;
  • durability of applied materials;
  • SWL: 200+ kg;
  • Package contents: strong frame, comfortable seat made of polymer materials, special sample bottles, instruments, etc.

Fixed height

Fixed height examination chairs are characterized by strong and stable structure. This enables rotation/ slope angle adjusting mechanisms to be less worn and operate for longer time. Aybolit Company offers 9 models of medical examination chairs purposed for gynecology and urology.

There are 5 options provided for backrest and seat adjustment:

  • manual actuator;
  • pneumatic spring;
  • pedal unit;
  • electric actuator;
  • "Rostomat" mechanisms.

Average height is 900±5 mm, sustainable load is up to 200 kg. Materials used in fabrication depend on the model. In order to ensure comfort for patients the couches are made of chipboard, foam plastic, leather cloth and vinylisleather. Models are fitted with steel inserts and polymer coating that ensure durability and reliability of item usage. All the materials are resistant to disinfectants, moist and UV cleaning. Main technical parameters and price depends on the model.

There are models fitted with foot sections or without it. КГ-6-2 and КГ-3М models may be used as examination couches. Apart from basic configuration there is special configuration that includes IV poles, foot sections, headrests, towel holders, etc.

High quality materials and professional performance ensure convenience for both doctors and examined patients.

Adjustable height

Aybolit Trading Company offers 9 models of examination chairs with adjustable height. There are both classic models and new generation ones provided. The main advantage of chair height adjustment is doctors' ability to easy position their patients while examining and manipulating.

Average height is 1600±10 mm, SWL is 150 kg. There is an option to regulate slope angle for spinal and pelvic parts of women bodies; 1-2-3 electric actuators of DEWART and LINAK brands that are noiseless and reliable in use. Seats are made of vinylisleather, plastic casings are coated with acrylic finish; seamless clothing method improves further sanitary treatment. There is also an option for regulated heating of seats. Extra options imply colposcope brackets, manual control unit, laptop mount rack, instrument table, etc.

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