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Medical closets for clothes

Medical closets for clothes

Medical closets allow you to organize and optimize the space in a medical office in accordance with sanitary standards.

Characteristics of medical closets for clothes

Closets in the medical office organize free space for the work of the doctor and staff in accordance with established sanitary standards. The main guidelines in choosing:

  1. Materials used during the production must have anti-corrosion properties and be resistant to disinfectants. The product range of the “Aibolit” Trade House is presented in two variations depending on the materials used: steel or chipboard.
    • Steel: products from steel welded constructions, with one or two wings and a various number of shelves. The thickness of the steel is 0.8 mm. The coating is a polymer-powder coating of light gray color.
    • Chipboard: increased moisture resistance products, which prevent swelling of furniture when moisture enters its surface.
  2. The storage volume of the closet depends on its size, the number of compartments and shelves inside. Two sections and a larger number of shelves allows several employees to use it and optimizes the storage space as much as possible.

Price and Order

“Aibolit” Trade House offers customers closets for maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of doctors and staff’s work clothes with delivery in Russia.

The price of products varies depending on their size and functional departments used in the production of materials. The managers of the “Aibolit” trade house will help you calculate the preliminary price. Place an order on the website or call 8 (831) 468-86-60 for details and prices.

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