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Medical screens are used for zoning the space in the office or ward. The installation of the dividing pieces allows the doctor to examine the patient. In a ward with many patients in it, the screens create secluded spaces for everyone - so people will not interfere with each other. The level of stress will decrease.

When choosing such a product you must keep in mind the office that it is intended for. At our Trade House you can buy a screen and get it delivered. The catalog contains several model’s for equipping a doctor’s office.

Important Features of the Product

Except of to the number of sections, all the pieces the medical equipment collected in the catalog on the website differ in price in several ways:

  • Dimensions in expanded form.
  • Dimensions when folded.
  • The maximum weight of clothes that can be placed on the frame.
  • The height of the division parts.
  • Materials used in the production.
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