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Medical cabinets metal

Metal medical cabinets provide convenient organization and reliable storage of various documents, medicines, clothes and tools. The design of metal items reflects the furniture functional purpose for clinics, medical institutions, sanatoriums, laboratories, research centers and early treatment centers equipment.

How to buy a good cabinet

Modern medical furniture for clinics is good-looking, functional and durable. Medical institutions can buy metal furniture, which combines the following qualities:

  • High durability;
  • Practical use;
  • Reliable anti-corrosion protection;
  • Resistance to high humidity and chemicals;
  • Medicines storage under lock and key.

Metal surfaces are adapted to regular exposure of cleaning agents and disinfectant solutions as far as they are covered with a protective layer of polymer-powder paint. Equipment cabinets are fitted with supports and provide stable furniture arrangement on any kind of flooring.

Preliminary analysis of the medical institution helps to determine which medical cabinet shall be purchased for convenient medicines storage. The range includes the following items:

  • Different overall dimensions;
  • With one, two or more leafs;
  • With transparent and blind doors;
  • With a safe option;
  • With ability to lock completely or partially;
  • With different number of adjustable glass shelves.

Aybolit Trading Company items are certified for use in medical and preventive institutions.

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