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Medical examination tables

Medical examination tables

Medical couches characteristics

The choice of medical equipment requires increased attention to details. Please note the following:

  • Frame strength. The high strength of frame materials helps the couch to bear significant weight loads, so that doctors may accept all patients. Aybolit Trading Company uses steel and steel pipes to manufacture medical couch frames.
  • Couch convenience and materials durability. We take care of patient comfort while they visit the medical room, convenience to disinfect and clean the couch while couches manufacture. Aybolit Trading Company makes soft couches made of chipboard, foam plastic and clothing, which is resistant to physical and chemical affects.
  • Easy to adjust. Easy adjustment of head area, height and other parameters expand the application range and patients engagement number.
  • Documents. The necessary documents and certificates are attached to the couches since they refer to medical equipment.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Manufacturing materials must be safe and hypoallergenic.

Medical examination couches

Examination couches are used for the patient examination, diseases diagnosis and massage. They are convenient for both the doctor and the patient. Solid frame construction, soft couch and convenient head regulation allow using this type of medical couches in a wide range of services: from therapeutics to psychiatry.

Physiotherapy couches

Aybolit Trading Company items meet the high requirements of medical equipment. Physiotherapy couches ( series) meet the standards. series are used in hospitals and clinics for comfortable patients accommodation during medical procedures.

series are made of safe materials in accordance with all the rules. They provide convenience to the doctor while treating patients. Item length is 1970 mm, width is 560 mm, and height is 540 mm.

The frame is well-balanced and durable as far as it is made of solid coniferous trees. Couch chipboard base is a smooth surface for the patient accommodation. The couch contains foam plastic 40 mm in thick, which is covered with leather material. It provides comfort to the patient. "Rostomat" step mechanism adjusts the headrest tilt within 45 that improves doctors' services.

Medical physiotherapy couch with beech frame

Physiotherapy examination couch with beech frame is larger than a standard couch. Its length is 2000 mm, width is 650 mm, height is 610 mm. Beech frame, metal elements absence, and environmentally friendly materials make this couch safer. Seamless cutout and foam plastic coating 40 mm in thick provide comfort to patients during their treatment. The headrest of this couch is adjusted to 30 and it makes doctors' work more convenient.

Advantages of Aybolit Trading Company physiotherapy couches

  • Physiotherapeutic medical couch is a medical item in accordance with the Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare. So, the customer receives all the necessary documentation for this item.
  • Buying from manufacturer is a guarantee of competitive price.
  • Offered furniture is disassembled. We provide additional services for packaging and transportation of the item upon customer's request.


The price of medical couches depends on technical characteristics, materials, height, dimensions and functionality. A wide range of Aybolit Trading Company medical furniture will help to find the appropriate item for effective performance of hospitals and clinics. We provide favorable cooperation conditions and discounts to regular customers.

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