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“Aibolit” medical chairs - convenience elevated to absolute

A medical chair is an important component of the entire set of furniture and equipment in an any profile doctor’s office.

Taking into view the most common wishes of doctors and the experience gained in this field, “Aibolit” produces medical chairs that serve as an example of ergonomics and comfort. This can be proved by the following characteristics of these mandatory items of medical interior:

  • equipping with softly sliding rollers, which provide the chair with the mobility necessary within the office. A specialist can quickly move in the direction he needs without spending time and energy, and without using his hands;
  • the presence of a five-beam support for greater stability. The frame is made of metal or durable plastic - the best option for reliability and safety;
  • molded seats (of different diameters) are made of integral polyurethane - wear-resistant and practical;
  • the seat height is adjustable by a screw mechanism or by hydraulics (differs according to the model).

In addition, some models have as an extra option of a foot ring used as a stand and a back, which gives additional comfort in work.

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