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Mattresses for medical beds

Mattresses for medical beds

High-quality hospital services are very important for the final patients recovery. The comfort and convenience of the hospital room and bed ensure the patient's well-being. Properly selected medical mattress for hospital bed relieves tension from the spine, muscles and joints, provides a healthy and sound sleep as well as it is easy to care and use.

Aybolit Trading Company product range

You can buy equipment for hospitals and other medical institutions by wholesale at factory price and you will be offered delivery to the regions of Russia. The company offers:

  • single-section foam plastic medical mattress (M-1 model) with a removable cover made of polyester or combined fabric. Dimensions of standard stationary beds are 1900x800x100 mm;
  • flexible models (M-2, M-3, M-4 series). Their width is 800 mm, height is 100 mm, length is 1930 mm, 1950 mm, 1860 mm. Models may be bent in both directions and they are suitable for functional beds (КФ-3 and КФ-4 series) as far as they have transverse incisions and there is elastic foam plastic applied therein. These models are appropriate for postoperative recovery, treatment of neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems.

All items meet the sanitation requirements; they are resistant to disinfectants, suitable for patients with different build and body weight and can be used at all stages of treatment and recovery.

Medical mattresses characteristics

  1. Hospital mattresses must meet sanitary standards, be resistant to moisture, pollutions and disinfectants, be easy to clean and safe in use. There are no exceptions to the rules of hospital life, as far as the health of patients and staff depends on their compliance.
  2. A specific feature of hospital outfitting is the materials resistance to moisture. Aybolit Trading Company mattresses are characterized with moisture-repellent and air-permeable ability; they are stable on the bed, durable, easy in use and care. Manufacturing materials are polyester fabric or combined membrane fabric.
  3. Polyester fabric is characterized by the properties of hygroscopicity, fire resistance, stiffness and thermal conductivity. Polyester mattress is safe, noncreasable and resistant to abrasion. It is reliable, convenient and durable.
  4. Advanced manufacturing techniques of membrane fabrics allow materials air exchanging with the environment, keeping the surface dry, preventing a body from rotting. This function is ensured due to the fact that the size of the membranes does not exceed a drop size, but much larger than a water molecule size. Moisture is excreted and it cannot penetrate from outside and fresh air is supplied to the body.

Price and delivery

You may buy medical mattresses for hospital beds at manufacturer price of Aybolit Trading Company and check our favorable delivery conditions! You can make an order by filling in the appropriate form in "My orders" section. We deliver items to all Russia regions in cooperation with our partners.

The final price depends on the chosen model, delivery city, individual needs. You can find out the preliminary price of the purchase, indicate your questions and wishes in the comments to the order form. The customer service manager will contact you.

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