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Procedural couches for blood sampling

Procedural couches for blood sampling

Donor chairs and couches for blood sampling

Blood sampling for further analysis or transfusion is an unpleasant procedure. Comfort is very important during this procedure as far as patients or donors bear heavy loads. So, it is not an option to sit on an ordinary chair in this case. Special couch for blood sampling or donor chair provides comfort to patients. The main criteria to medical furniture are the following:

  • ergonomics;
  • customized features;
  • small size (or compactness);
  • adjustment feature.

Procedural furniture purpose

Donor chair for blood sampling provides rest to a donor and assist a doctor. Special armrests allow fixing the desired position of the patient's hand while blood sampling and relieve the tension. The chair can be adjusted in height, donor may lie or recline. Most chair models have electric actuators and can be adjusted by remote control.

You can buy this high-tech donor chair from Aybolit Trading Company. We offer our own medical furniture made under Aybolit-2000 brand and other equipment offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Modern medical couch can be transformed into a chair. This versatility allows donor blood sampling process being easier and costs saving for medical or preventive institutions. Aybolit Trading Company delivers all furniture throughout Russia upon customer's request. You can clarify prices for these services by contacting our specialists or by ordering a call back on the website.

The main criteria for medical furniture choosing

You need to pay attention to the following furniture parameters when you choose a procedural chair or couch:

  • Filler material. It should have anatomical functions and take the shape of the patient's body during the procedure.
  • Furniture clothing material should be wear-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to disinfection.
  • The adjusting of armrests by height and angle.
  • Availability of additional devices attached to the chair or couch - special racks and scales.

Would you like to learn more about Aybolit-2000 medical furniture or buy a donor chair? Call us right now, our specialists will answer all your questions or accept your order.

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