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Modular storage systems are purposed for outfitting of offices of hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Convenience – Supports are fitted with adjustable rests (to enable stability). Modular design allows creating multi-section units performing numerous functions. 

Quality – All steel components are polymer coated (color: metallic grey, IBA OXYPLAST). Shelf edges are processed with 2 mm PVC). 

Safety – Stiffener supports are welded type (designed for static load up to 300 kg). Lengthwise stiffeners are considered for avoiding shelves deflection.

Working surface material: laminated chipboard, 16 mm (type П-А, formalin emission class: E1).

Bearing system: steel frame with antimicrobial polymer coating.

Types of document racks:

1. СтЛ-1w

This item consists of two closing supports and five shelves.
Dimensions: 1875x550x865 mm.
2. СтЛ-2w

This item consists of two closing supports, hinged cabinet and three shelves.
Dimensions: 1875x550x865 mm.
The following front faces are available:
  • lam. chipboard, 16 mm (2 mm PVC edge)
  • Glass, 5 mm (clouded)
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