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Modern medicine dictates strict requirements to equipment applied in patients' examination. Gynecological examination chairs refer to special outfitting items characterized by rich functionality. It is hardly possible to skip it when it comes to medical clinics and centers where gynecology examinations and surgery manipulations usually take place.

How to choose an adjustable gynecological examination chair?

Examination chair convenience level and reliability affect patients' comfort while being examined. Further it is very important to doctors to have the required instruments and sampling bottles within easy reach. If you wish to purchase a gynecological examination chair it is recommended to deal with those suppliers that have excellent reputation in medical equipment market.

There are the following general requirements to gynecological examination chairs:

  • convenient ability to regulate patients' position;
  • safety and reliability of patients' accommodation;
  • durability of applied materials;
  • SWL of 200+ kilograms;
  • compact structure and convenient configuration (apart from durable frame and comfortable seat made of polymer material there are special instruments supply rails, secretion and swabbing collecting bottles, armrests and heel rests).

Where to buy a gynecological examination chair?

Aybolit Company offer high quality equipment. You may purchase a gynecological examination chair from us and you will be positively surprised by our competitive prices. Furthermore it will meet all procedural requirements and correspond the approved standards. You may pay your order in a way convenient for you. After that we will carefully deliver your order to any location within Russia. A number of clinics have already made their choice in favor of Aybolit Company equipment. So there you are welcome to order your gynecological examination chair and become personally certain in our service convenience.

Our partners may purchase КГФВ 01 and 02 series gynecological examination chairs at good price. These items' structure is highly reliable.

Availability of special pullout step will significantly expand the application area. Our catalog offers more than 30 clothing color options and this enables our customers to select proper items. Our examination chairs are characterized by fixed height that improves structure reliability by times.


There is why our gynecological examination chairs are so popular:

  • Capability to regulate backrest slope. This enables to select position that would be maximum comfortable for patients and allow carrying out complex long term procedures.
  • Availability of soft supports. It is possible to perform regulating what enables you to select those positions that are most comfortable for patients.
  • Durable clothing materials. Clothing is made of special leather material that is resistant to chemical disinfection agents and UV exposure.
  • Convenience of sanitary cleaning. This is provided by means of seamless clothing method.
  • Availability of chrome plated steel tray. It provides aids for specialists, who carry out different procedures or examinations.
  • Regardless all the advantages mentioned above the cost of our products still remains affordable for a broad audience of our customers.

Technical parameters

We do our best to offer favorable terms of collaboration to our customers but meanwhile the cost of our examination chairs depends directly on the following technical parameters:

  • Distance from floor to the seat. It varies between 895 and 905 mm.
  • Total weight of a chair. It is 50 kg.
  • Couch width. It varies between 570 and 575 mm.
  • Maximum safe working load, which is 200 kg.
  • Width. It varies between 710 and 730 mm.
  • Horizontal lifting angle (from 0 to 14 degrees).
  • Length. It varies between 1590 and 1610 mm.
  • Distance from floor to the step (275–285 mm).
  • Vertical backrest slope angle (20–90 degrees).

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