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Sofas and bankquettes

Specialized sofas and bankquettes are an important part of any medical institution. Such devices are installed in the places where patients wait for their appointments.

Seats are necessary equipment as far as it is difficult to stand for a long time waiting for appointments. Bankquettes and sofas make clinic visits more comfortable.

Choice criterion

Sofas and bankquettes hold the same purpose. Please take this into consideration:

  • Resistance to disinfectants. Seats are used by a large number of patients. So medical institutions use specialized chemicals to eliminate pathogenic microbes and prevent the spread of bacteria. Furniture should retain aesthetic qualities after being in contact with such means for many times.
  • Reliability. Sofas and bankquettes clothing should be resistant to natural wear as far as intensive use of hospital furniture can lead to rapid loss of aesthetic qualities. So It is better to buy items with high-strength and resistant to abrasion clothing.
  • Heavy load. Patients may come together with their children. Children often sit on parent's knees so the load on the furniture increases and it can lead to breakdown if the furniture is not strong enough.
  • Compact and ergonomic design. These factors affect installation complexity and furniture trasportation.
  • Comfortable seating. It plays an important role for patients, who spend several hours while waiting for their appointments. The clinic acquires comfortable furniture if it really respects its visitors.

You can choose appropriate banquettes and sofas considering factors listed above. Our consultants will help you to choose the item depending on the desired characteristics. Our specialists don't make customers to buy expensive items for no reason.

Where to buy?

If you need to buy high-quality and durable furniture for your clinic the best solution is to contact us. We offer customers quality items as far as we check all furniture before selling it. You can leave a request on the website or call us if you are interested in our items. You can discuss purchase terms, find out the price and order delivery by phone.

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