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Modular kitchenettes are purposed for outfitting of offices of hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Convenience – Modular design maximize the usage of working space and make it more comfortable within limited office rooms. Cut-in sockets are considered in order to simplify the wiring of electric utility devices.

Quality – All steel components are polymer coating (color: metallic grey, IBA-  OXYPLAST). Table boards, shelves and front faces are made of laminated chipboard, edges are processed with anti-collision PVC, 2 mm in thickness.

Safety – Stiffener supports 100 mm in height are used in this structure. Adjustment would compensate floor irregularities and enable stability.

Modular kitchenette accessories:




Basic module 

Dimensions: 1500x600x710 mm. 

This item consists of three units: 

  • separated unit with double-leaf face

  • unit with four pullout drawers

  • ventilated fridge compartment.

Add-on structure

This item is purposed for improving the functionality of a basic module by means of arrangement of hinged  components (trays, shelves, brackets). Consists of welded frame, two front bars, (stiffeners) and a shelf. 

Wall-adjacent panel 

This item is to be mounted upon an add-on structure.

Purposed for stiffening the structure, item is also to prevent walls from dirt, and serves as a limiter of table board and  top shelf (prevents small items dropping from backside). 

Decorative panel 

This item is made of metal with polymer coating.

Encloses backside of a basic module (in case a kitchenette is not adjacent to the wall. Panel structure creates no obstacle for air circulation, which is required for normal operation of cooling equipment. 

Bar сounter   

Table board material: postforming, 38 mm, with radial edge.  

Arrangement considers 2 mounting opts.:

  • Fastening to a file cabinet. Table board is to be installed on a wall panel fixed on a basic module – kitchen island type. Meanwhile an additional support is to be used for stability purpose.
  • Fastening to the wall. Table board is to be installed on a wall panel fixed on the partition wall. 

Cooler cabinet

Dimensions: 410x410x1600 mm. 

Cabinet is made of laminated chipboard, 16 mm, with hinged doors. Purposed for standard water cooler arrangement (floor standing type).  

Cabinet is installed on adjustable supports 100 mm in height. 

This item can be optionally complete with plastic cups dispenser (to be negotiated during order confirmation).  

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