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Examination tables

Medical examination table allows you to comfortably examine the patient and perform various procedures. Applied high-strength materials are designed for intensive use. Special filler is used for the table clothing. The clothing is resistant to moisture, low and high temperatures and is soft enough to provide maximum comfort to patients. The price of this medical furniture depends on the number of movable sections as well as the actuator type, which can be mechanic, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic. As a rule, examination tables are characterized by height adjustment although there are models with fixed height, for example, the examination table (СМС-2.1 series).


The medical examination table is an integral attribute of any procedure or diagnostic room and can be used for the following purposes:

  • physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • ultrasonic examination;
  • blood sampling;
  • intravenous injections;
  • palpation;
  • endoscopy;
  • gynecology and proctology.

How to choose a medical examination table

There are many different configurations of examination tables. Selection of table depends on how it will be used. However, there are several general recommendations that will help in choosing any medical examination table:

  • pay attention to the table design and its reliability;
  • the workload should be enough to bear the weight of any patient;
  • choose seamless clothing, it will be better protected from bacteria during transportation;
  • clothing material should not be slippery but it should be resistant to disinfection;
  • check central break system.

Where to buy

You can buy quality examination tables (СМС series) presented in different configurations that meet the needs of any medical institution on our website. We deliver tables throughout Russia.

Medical examination couches is multifunctional equipment for examination, disease diagnosis and massage. The strength of the manufacturing materials, their resistance to antiseptic agents makes them durable, reliable and convenient to use.

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