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Medical instrument tables

Medical instrument tables

Instrumental medical table is necessary for medical manipulations. It can be not only used as the equipment of a medical room but also for storage and transportation of medical tools.

Types of medical instrument tables

The following types of medical instrument tables are used in medical institutions:

  • compact medical instrument table is purposed for doctors, nurses, operating and dressing rooms. It is used to place medicines, medical instruments and materials;
  • manipulation table is used in hospitals for transporting of medical supplies and food. It is required in specialized hospitals, and it can be used for other services due to its low price;
  • laboratory table is most commonly used in laboratories;
  • Equipment stand is used to store expensive equipment and its components.

Instrument tables use

If you need a lot of tools and equipment for medical care we recommend you to buy an instrument table on which you can easily store and move them. Effective work of medical stuff depends on the proper arrangement of medical tools and equipment.

Instrument table allows organization of the doctor workspace because a chaotic placement of similar instruments can lead to negative consequences. Tables design provides high stability that prevents tools from dropping or losing. Shelves are usually made of durable glass or high-quality steel.

Where to buy an instrument table

You can buy an instrument table through catalog provided at Aybolit Trading Company website. The price depends on the model.

You can choose tables of any configuration and color. Our managers are always ready to pick up the best equipment for your medical room with respect to your requirements.

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