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Furniture for the nurse's post

Furniture for the nurse's post

Nurse table is a necessary furniture item in any medical institution.

Nurses’ work is extremely responsible and difficult because they have to perform a lot of tasks during their duties.

Nurses intake patients, perform health inspection and register their clinical records. They are responsible for wards cleaning and performing all patients’ hygienic procedures. Nurses perform the necessary medical manipulations: measuring the patient's body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, body weight, respiratory rate, etc. They take care of medical tools and household equipment and store medicines.

Nurse table

Nurse table by Aybolit Trading Company is necessary for high-quality and effective work. Usually a small area is destined for a nurse post in hospitals so workplace should be compactly equipped. It should contain all the necessary working tools and documents as well as quick access to them at arm's length. So nurses are to remember where the location of proper items is and thus work surface will be always in order. The post should be ergonomic and functional.

It is important that the post furniture is made of quality materials, which are resistant to disinfectants as well as metal frame, laminated chipboard and plastic of high strength and resistance to heat and moisture. All materials are provided with excellent aesthetic qualities and resistance to disinfectants.

Medical post furniture from Aybolit Trading Company

Medical post furniture is a complex modular structure, which consists of modules and sections with shelves, drawers, panels and comfortable work surfaces. This allows placing equipment and documents as well as maintaining a convenient working space.

Medical post furniture includes:

  • nurse table;
  • table add-ons with a variety of extra modules: a platform for the system unit installing, a keyboard pullout shelf under the table top, panels and shelves for small items, trays for placing A4 papers and the visits log;
  • built-in or rolling file cabinets with pullout drawers including cabinets with locks to store potent drugs;
  • mobile chairs on wheels for easy transportation;
  • built-in lighting, which allows working overnight when the main light is switched off.

Aybolit Trading Company submits high-quality, reliable and convenient equipment, which meets all healthcare standards. Our catalog contains a wide range of models. We offer affordable prices for medical post furniture. Final price depends on the size and extra configuration. Our partners are well-known clinics throughout Russia. Welcome to Aybolit Trading Company and let our stylish and functional medical furniture to contribute to employees effective work and delight your patients.

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