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Writing tables, tent, etc

Writing tables, tent, etc

High-quality equipment and comfortable furniture is important for well-outfitted medical rooms. The most necessary furniture in any health care institution is a table purposed for a nurse, doctor, and receptionist.

High quality tables at affordable price

Functional table makes medical staff work more easy. Any medical furniture should have the following characteristics:

  • high strength and resistance to mechanical stress;
  • compact design: tables for medical staff are devoid of any bright decorative elements and they are often executed in pastel colors;
  • easy to clean: the table surface will be subject to regular disinfection so the material must be resistant to aggressive agents;
  • safety: only environmentally clean materials are used in the medical furniture production.

A spacious writing table is necessary for the equipment of a specialist office, staff lounge or reception room. There you can place all documentation and stationery. It is very convenient if a table is fitted with all sorts of lockers and shelves.

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